01 - Caffetteria

Aside from hosting Leonardo’s Vineyard, the Atellani House in Corso Magenta offers its guests a friendly Cafe, opposite Santa Maria delle Grazie Cathedral.

Our Cafe is not just for those who come to visit the Vineyard but also for passers-by who wants to have coffee or lunch with a view on Bramante’s beautiful dome.

The menu is simple and seasonal, offering an ample choice of traditional italian dishes.

The perfect setting where tasting a glass of the world's most unique wine, as the story it tells.

02 – Opening Times

Our Cafe is located at Corso Magenta, 65 – Milan. You can contact us by phone at +39 024816150 or by email at info@vignadileonardo.com

The easiest ways to reach our Cafe are by Metro MM1/MM2 Cadorna, MM1 Conciliazione; Tram 16; Bus 18,50,58,94

Tuesday-Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

It's open only for take away food and beverage.